Esprit Weddings Fuerteventura

A paradise for your wedding


The Canarian Island Fuerteventura – also called the European Caribbean – is the perfect location for a wedding ceremony during the whole year because we have sunshine all year round and temperatures never fall under 22 degrees (71 °F). 

Fuerteventura is one of the most extraordinary volcanic island of the Canary Islands. Over here you find mysterious ravines, palm trees and dreamlike beaches – from white gold to finely granulated or even black quartz sand beaches. Lest we forget our crystal clear Atlantic Ocean with its light and moderate breeze. 

Therefor we are able to organize the day of your dreams on a golden sandy beach, in a mysterious ravine, on a luxurious sailing ship or in a lonesome lagoon. And this with nearly guaranteed sunshine and pleasant warm temperatures. 

Immerse yourself and be inspired by this particular island for your wonderful and unique day of your life!